Perfekt Gépgyártó és Kereskedelmi Bt.

The company owned by Hungarians was founded in 1991, which is engaged in production and sale of screw pumps.

In 1999 we built a new site and as a result of the continuos development by today our pump has been used in the fields of food industry, chemistry, cosmetics, sewage handling (that is very important in the aspect of environment protection) and the hazardous garbage settlement.

Besides the production our company takes care of the sales of the products as well that allows us to create and sustain direct contact with our clients, whereby the fulfilment of special claims is possible.

As a Hungarian manufacturer we enjoy the advantage that the reparation, maintenance and parts supply of the pumps are quick and flexible, furthermore we can offer all of them at competitive prices.


H-6000 Kecskemét, Hajdú utca 4.

  • Telefon+36/30 9783 622

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